Youth Kayaking

General The principle aim of the Liffey Centre Youth Kayak School (YKS)is to provide further training opportunities for young people (between ages of 12-16) to further develop their kayaking skills. It also aims to provide further opportunities for junior canoeists to continue their participation in the sport. Membership
  1. Is open to all participants of Introductory Training Courses organised by the Irish Canoe Union who have successfully completed a Level 2 Kayak Skills Award
  2. Is also open to other young people who hold Level 2 Kayak Skills Award    



  1. Sessions will be organised on a three month term basis with eight sessions per term.

  2. There will be at least two terms per year 

  • Term 1 :September to December

  • Term 2 :January to March/April,
  • Term 3: April - June ( Provisional)

  1. Kayaking sessions will be organised on Saturday mornings or afternoons. The sessions will generally be located at the Training Centre but this will depend on circumstances such as numbers, overall experience of groups, water levels, etc.

  2. There will be an opportunity to participate in Coaching Clinics – Freestyle, Slalom and other competitive canoe disciplines on Saturday afternoons.


River Trips- These may be organised from time to time In the event of a river trip being arranged club members will be notified well in advance



  1. The fee for Term  2 is €160. This is to cover costs such as tuition fees, administration, insurance, use of Training Centre facilities and includes one year membership of Irish Canoe Union.

  2. In the event of a trip being organised there may also be additional fee to cover the cost of the transport of canoeing equipment and instructor’s travelling expenses.

  3. All fees must be paid in advance – in the event of a session being cancelled students will be offered an alternate date or a refund for that session
  4. Any extra specialist Coaching Clinics will incur additional fees


Equipment / Gear

  1. Participants/students will have access to Training Centre boats and equipment during YKS activities

  2. All Training Centre equipment is the property of the Irish Canoe Union and it would be expected that due care be taken when it is being used by students. In the event of loss or damage to equipment by a club member it would be expected that the damaged equipment be replaced or repaired or alternatively that the Centre be recompensed for its replacement or damage.

  3. All boats and equipment must be returned to the Centre after each activity

  4. Boats and equipment cannot be taken from the Centre except by prior arrangement with the Training Officer



  1. All participants will be covered under the Irish Canoe Union’s Public Liability insurance cover during official activities. Instructors will make every effort to ensure the safety of participants whilst on Liffey Centre activities.

  2. Students are strongly advised to take out their own Personal Accident Insurance cover.

All students are expected to adhere to recommended safety rules and

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