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After browsing the Training & Assessment Calendar to find the course you want to take part in please fill out the Course Application Form which can be found at the top of the Calendar page and submit the form to the ICU by email or by post. A link to course syllabi can also be found at the top of the Calendar page.

Click on any course for more details including information relevant to the participants and trainers/assessors.

Check the calendar regularly for updates as new courses will be added to meet demand. In addition, some courses may be cancelled or postpned due to lack of participants or inadequate water conditions. 

For more information please do not hesitate to contact
Benny Cullen or call the Canoeing Ireland office on 01 6251105.

Instructors should consult the instructor resources page for assessment result forms and panel application forms


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2011 Price List

Skills Courses & Assessments

Group bookings of 4 in a single payment qualify for a 10% discount on Skills courses and assessments

Course Price
Level 3 Skills Training €140
Level 3 Skills Assessment €50
Level 4 Skills Training €75
Level 4 Skills Assessment €75
Level 5 Skills Training €200
Level 5 Skills Assessment €300
River Safety & Rescue Courses

Group bookings which fill an RSR course qualify for a 10% discount

Course Price
RSR 1 €50
RSR 2 €70
RSR 3 €150

Instructor Courses & Assessments

Group bookings of 4 or more in a single payment qualify for a 10% discount on instructor training courses

Group bookings of 8 or more in a single payment qualify for a 20% discount on instructor training courses

Course Price
Level 1 Instructor Training €175
Level 1 Instructor Assessment €95
Level 2 Instructor Training  €175
Level 2 Instructor Assessment €95
Level 3 Instructor Training  €350
Level 3 Instructor Assessment €200
Level 4 Instructor Assessment €150

Coach Courses & Assessments

Please see individual coach courses for details of available Canoeing Ireland subsidies

Course Price
Level 1 Coach Training €175
Level 1 Coach Assessment €75