Lectures from Level II Assimilation

The Paddling Session by Paul Byrne

Former Olympic flatwater coach describes the paddling session from warm-up to cool-down with an emphasis on understanding periodisation, overcompensation and specificity of training 

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Nutrition by Dr.Edel Duffy

Dr. Edel Duffy gave a presentation on the Principles of Sports Nutrition applied to canoe-sport. As an International paddler she combines her professional expertise with a real-world experience. Click here to download.

Coaching in Action

Coaching philosophy and communication styles were outlined in the paddling context. This session also included examples from Sprint canoeing and real-life examples from other disciplines on the day. Click here to download presentation.

Advanced Sport Psychology

From routines to imagery, how to pointers for sport psychology for coaches. Click here to download presentation.

Child Protection and Ethics for Children in Sport

This generic presentation should be seen in light of the ICU policy document, and the ICU also recommends you attend a course on child protection. Click here to download.

Paddler Pathway

Based on the findings from a study of 22 paddlers across the canoe-sport disciplines, this demonstrates how the Long-term development models fit canoe-sport.


Sport Sciences

Sport Science Links - 15 June 2011

Sport Science Research see here

Gatorade Sport Science Institute-with a collection of articles on aspects of performance see here


Long-term Athlete Development

NCTC Irish pathway documents see here.

Lifelong Involvement in Sport & Physical Activity Model (LISPA) see here

Table of Stages of Athletes Development see here