Liffey Descent 2012, September 29th, 12.30pm

"What is the Liffey Descent?"
In 1959 Canoeing Ireland started a marathon canoe race on the river Liffey that was destined to become one of the worlds most famous and exciting canoeing events, Over the years its reputation has grown and attracted paddlers from all over the world to experience both the event itself and the unique atmosphere of fun and friendship that surrounds it.

Liffey Decent 2009 on Vimeo.

The race course is 28.2 Kilometres consisting of 10 Weirs and 1 portage. (More information to follow) It starts at the K Club above Straffan Weir, Co. Kildare and about 18 miles later finishes at Trinity Rowing Club in Dublin.

Approximately a third of entries are in the true racing classes and the remaining places are taken up with 'fun' paddlers who are there to enjoy the event no matter how long it takes them to get to the finish line. The challenge is will they make it to the finish without a swim!!

Many canoe clubs from at home and internationally attend the event, returning year after year, adding to the fun and experience of the entire race weekend.

To complete your weekend there is an after race party which is included in the price of entry and goes on until very late or very early next day depending which way you look at it. In the past it has been a mixture of live band and DJ. Many a drunken tale is told at the party of the wonderful experiences had during the race and a well deserved boasting about making it to the finishing line with or without swimming.

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