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Qualifications Equivalence with Other European Countries



A core group of seven European Canoe Federations are engaged in a process to establish a common system of kayaking and canoeing personal performance skills and coaching awards across Europe.

For more information seewww.europaddlepass.com

Qualifications Equivalence with the British Canoe Union

Both the British Canoe Union (BCU) and the French Canoe Federation (FFCK) operate an awards and qualification scheme which has a number of similarities to that of Canoeing Ireland. To facilitate BCU and FFCK coaches who move to and reside in Ireland, Canoeing Ireland's Training and Development Unit will consider applications for an equivalence procedure.

Holders of BCU and FFCK Coach qualifications who wish to apply for an equivalent Canoeing Ireland qualification should forward an application by post to the Training Officer , Canoeing Ireland, Sport HQ, Park West, Dublin 12 or email training@canoe.ie 
Applications are considered on an individual case by case basis by the Training and Development Committee. 
Candidates should be aware that since 2009 certain key differences exist in the skills awards at Levels 4 & 5 in particular and also in remit of some Instructor qualifications.

For more information on British Canoe Union awards and qualifications please consult the BCU website

For Information on the French Canoe & Kayak Federation see here